01st January,  at 7:00 AM : I get up as I could feel the vibration of my phone which reads me the reminder, I hear the door bell ringing and also a need to relieve the Nature’s Call made me up! So, I see my mom opening the door & I peep in to look whose there and I find a 5 or 6 year old boy waiting outside to collect the Trash. I heard his most awaited & beautiful voice with immense strength “Kuda de do”. As I tried to locate his face in the dim natural lights, where sun was yet to open its eyes, I am amazed at the dedication & diligence with which I see the boy standing right at the door step sharp at 7. I was impressed by him & unknowingly I started locating Toffees in the room. I grabbed as much I could find & stood in front of him. I extended my hand & transferred the Toffees in his hand and he into his pocket. Trust me; he gave me the Best Gift for a new beginning, A Big Cheerful Lively Magnetic Giggle followed by a Lovely Smile. Because I was happy I asked him, “Do you know what is today?”He was Blank and so was I at his blankness but then I told him, “Aaj Pehle Din Hai Naye Saal Ka”. He seems disinterested! I further asked him, “Padhai Karte Ho?” and I get a very quick response, “Na! Nahe “. His work was done. I was taken aback. I bolted the door. I tried to capture his face to publish it in my memory & returned to my room & soon I slipped into my blanket. I was in Tears!! He brought Tears in my Eyes!! I was in Tears!!

The Best I could get..!

When Reality of this sort knocks at your Door, one gets Frozen in the Emptiness. I experienced the acute sense of loss & love & hate & grief & blankness.

I know I can’t breathe that reality much around me and would again go to my cocoon & keep wondering the wonders that exist around us! But I will always look back to this morning, alive in me & representing a World of its Own.

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