I do not know how it all begins, but the time comes, sooner or later, when all of us at some time, somewhere is looking for an answer to this question. I do not know what is the answer.. Maybe I do not even want to know what the answer is.. But I would like to know for sure when will it finish ?? The question is, What is true peace ?? What is the true path of peace ??

We all want love, we all want peace. But that is how we try.. When you are hurt, you learn to hate.. You only think you’re right.. You think your pain is bigger than all of them. On the other hand, when you hurt someone, you are resented…  Because you only get it right.. The second aspect of the coin you do not want to see… But somewhere in a corner of the heart you know you have to do.. You start to ask yourself.. Even though everything is in front of you, there is a quake of questions in your mind..  So you can bring out peace, you are right in thinking that, by imposing your decision on others.. Here, a chain of hatred begins.. You start to feel guilty as well.. You don’t know why… When you know you’re right, then why is it so…

Perhaps it is because we do not understand each other.. Maybe the pain will be finished if we start to understand each other.. But is there a formula so that people can really understand each other and from the heart ?? If not that, then true peace will never get.. People will continue to hate each other.. Wars continue.. This link will continue to hate.. Hate will give birth to pain.. Thus, they will continue to link.. The pain will never be killed…

However, understanding such pain enables you to be kind to others… Because you know  how it feels.. Knowing pain helps us to grow up, to mature.. And to grow up means being able to think.. And make one’s decisions on their own… To know and reflect on pain, and come up with your own answer… No matter if there is an answer or not.. No matter the answer you come up with is right or wrong.. You keep on looking.. Perhaps, some come up with an answer.. You are satisfy with your theory.. You conceive yourself somehow..

And here is their answer.. DEATH…. Is this really an answer ?? This is just a way of escape.. This can never be the answer.. And if this is not the answer than what is ?? When will we all start understanding each other ?? How will this pain of hatred end ?? Surely, we all have to try, to search, for the answer.. Not in a book, but in our heart… So start asking yourself…. Is there any answer ??

By: Nisha

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