When Archimedes hit upon the idea of Relative density – he left his bathroom and ran crying, across the street with no clothes on his body – Eureka! Eureka! Twas the feeling of happiness that he experienced at that particular moment when he forgot about everything that surrounded him and even those failed efforts, which kept on pinning his optimism down.

What is HappinessWhat is Happiness?

Let’s say for example : we sit down to solve a Maths problem and we fail in all our efforts to crack them. But still, succeed in the eleventh attempt. How elated we all feel! It makes us happy especially when our sincere efforts guarantee’s us success. But then sometimes it makes us wonder and wander aimlessly for a simple answer – where is happiness found? It literally surprises me when people waste their precious time seeking happiness in the mirage of objects, people and places.

Happiness is nowhere else – It’s WITHIN us!

Those who claim to be unhappy are maybe not aware of their own self –their duty towards others and more importantly their duty towards their own self. It’s our own state of mind which makes us conscious of our own limitations and strengths and somewhere down the lines we all do know this very well.

A brilliant example comes to my mind when we talk about happiness –  a great scientist like Newton used to think of himself as just another child whose aim was to only seek pebbles on the sea shore and that he had no strength back then to even dip in the ocean of knowledge. Another theory of happiness states that happiness is ignited within our own selves when we put in all our efforts, dedicate ourselves completely and put our heart and soul into whatever that we do. At that particular moment, we realize that we are not consuming but producing happiness.

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru said:

Happiness and work are wedded together, for there can be no true happiness without feeling that one is doing something worthwhile

Maybe happiness is more like a butterfly. The more we chase it, try to catch it , the more it keeps eluding us. Hope you find happiness the same way we writers do when you read, like and appreciate us. May this new year brings with it lots of love and truck-load of happiness for all our readers.

Work Hard. Stay Happy!

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