Let me tell you a real-life story about this, this story was recited to me by my friend. Long ago, when she was a kid, her family’s financial condition was not very good to the extent that they had to live in a one-room apartment. Her uncle’s family was filthy rich then and once her mother wanted a new handbag for herself and guess what her aunt decided to give her an old torn one. Times changed, Karma spoke up and my friend’s family is now loaded with money and earning well and today her uncle’s family has gone bankrupt and are totally stressed with their life’s situation.


Well ! I do not feel happy with the ending of the story though because someone is still unhappy with their life which is definitely not reversible but an act of Karma. What I want to convey here is have patience as it’s not our job to revert things that hurt us. It is rightly said in the Bhagavad Gita that you are responsible for your actions and their possible reactions. If you do good, you get good” If you try to be hurtful to people, you get what you sow.

When somebody does something to you that is not bearable at all or is unfair to your efforts, please try not to add up to your bad Karma and give answer backs. Believe me, the long arms of the almighty makes no sound when it strikes”.

You do not need to develop a course of action to punish somebody as it will affect you in more or lesser way. Even if you take the path of revenge today, it will come back to you in some or other way again. Make a promise to yourself that whatever happens is due to some valid reason and you are due in the line of justice in the eyes of God, no matter if it’s sooner or later, he will give back unfairly.

I know everybody has their own way of dealing with such stuff but try to include the act of forgiveness in your mind. The is perhaps one the best way to make peace with yourself. By our means, getting justice is not that easy but God does not forget to do his work certainly.

Honestly, after going through some things that were totally against me which did hurt me a lot, I realized that retaliating something is not our duty being bad to somebody will only and only built more guilt feeling within myself.

Summing up my opinion I would like to end the article with the famous musician’s quote which goes this way “ Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and make you mad, let God deal with things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”

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