After my X class board exams, I had three months to enjoy as I was free of studies. But still in a few weeks I started feeling as if I have become a Bumpkin as I had no serious work to do. So I decided to join some classes to keep myself busy. 30 Apr was the first day when I went to the institute. I was told to go to room #28. I went upstairs and as soon as I entered the class I occupied the third last seat in the second row. Suddenly I saw there was a middle-aged, charming, smart and intelligent gentleman wearing a jeans and shirt. This man seemed to be a “stentor”. He introduced himself as Mr. Chandan Kumar and talked about the subject that he was going to teach us. He was going on but suddenly realized that we were left with ten minutes only. He picked up the attendance register and started marking attendance and ordered the students to leave the room one- by- one.

Within a minute many students vanished and I was anxiously waiting for my name to be announced but till the end my name was not announced. He asked me why I was there. In a very low voice, I replied- Sir! You didn’t call my name. He asked my name and started searching for it in the registered list but could not find it anywhere. Alas! I was so disappointed. But still there was nothing to worry as he took a pen and entered my name. We left the classroom together.

Next day as I entered the class, he started teaching us. Literally, he was one of the best teachers I had ever seen in my life. “The way he taught, smiled everything was absolutely unique and when we felt tired he would make us laugh so that we could concentrate more.” One thing that was special about him was that during the class he would never let anyone keep their hands on their heads as he saw it as if we were bored and didn’t want to study anymore.

After one month, when we had learnt so many new things, it was the time for a quiz. He brought the question papers. It consisted of 30 questions and each question had four choices and we had to mark the correct answer obviously. I was sitting in a row where there was no one except him. He sat right in front of me. We were busy solving our papers and he was inspecting the whole class. Finally the time was over and he collected our papers. He rearranged them in his own way and then again distributed to all of us but none of us got our own paper this time. He started dictating the answers and we were checking each other’s papers. I don’t know who checked my paper but I still remember that I got worst marks in the class. After we got our own papers everybody left the class except me as my teacher didn’t allow me to do so.

I was in tears. He came to me and asked for a reason behind all that happened. I didn’t utter a word. He kept on speaking but I was speechless, didn’t know what to say. But still instead of scolding or reprimanding he patted my back and told me to work hard. He always believed that I was a hard- working student and that if I would work hard, I could achieve what I want. He always used to encourage, be it me or anyone else, he never used to debase anyone.

And suddenly one day his transfer to Ranchi came as a “jolt” for all of us. We didn’t know what we could do to stop him but still the very next day we managed to send an application to the HOD (Head Of the Department) requesting him to stop this transfer. In return we didn’t get any response. We made hundreds of calls but there was no one who would listen to us and finally when the new teacher arrived, we came to know that Sir will not come back. Some of us cried, some made calls to him in Ranchi even but sir said that he could not do anything and we LOST.

People say “Teachers Are Our God” and yes!! After meeting this man I can agree with this statement. He is no more a part of our life now but still I wish to meet him once more in my life so that I am able to get his blessings as his trust is something which will always encourage me to move on so that I can reach the heights that I want.

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