My friend called me at around 11 in the night and asked me to come out of my home ( he needed my help ). Usually I don’t go out after 10p.m. but he is my best friend (a friend in need is a friend indeed) and I had to go. He took me to a bar and asked the waiter to get a bottle of beer (I don’t drink ). I asked him what’s the matter, “I am in tension, I am depressed, and I have lot of problems “, he replied.

Alcohol which is an organic compound in which a hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom, has more or less become an indispensable part of our life. One of  the most popular trend in our country is the “ALCOHOLIC TREND ” and the government is giving special attention to that by making the access to beer bars easier for people (within 2-3 Km), where ever they are present. And the growing trend definitely lies under the pockets of youth. Great misconception prevails among today’s youth, that consuming alcohol can eliminate their stress, problems, tensions etc of life ( although it’s moderate use does help, but that’s only temporary ). Obviously, the credit for this goes to movies and TV serials. Thanks to them.

Generally one begins alcoholic journey from beer and passes through many stations like whisky, wine, cocktail, tequilas, vodka, rum , brandy and ultimately reaches to addiction. Even in college, I have seen many students who are addicted to drinking. Everyone has some unique reason, why they entered into this elite club. Some started so as to look cool, some thought that girls will find them interesting, some due to pressure by their friends, some in order to pass time, some to come out of awkward situations like shyness, some to mingle with new friends, some thinking it is all about fun and masti. Also you come across many who give reasons like ‘it’s a culture to drink when we are at college, otherwise college life is incomplete’!

Many of the delhites (please dn’t mind) gave me another strange reason, that they are drinking with their family since many years, and doing this improves their living standard in society. Definately not to forget the ones who are in problems, stress etc. Another peculiar reason, you love a girl and she loves some other boy, and you then try to be the next “devdas” !

I do agree that college life is for fun, masti but we should not cross our limit and misutilise our independence. Regular intake of alcohol will lead to addiction, and it will create problems both for ourselves and consequently the society. When we are drunk it’s our mind that controls us, not we, we are not in our consciousness. Who knows we may just walk far down the road that will take us nowhere. Many a times we have to apologize for the things we have said after consuming alcohol.

So why be an addict at the first place?

Please, Please, don’t make it a habit, because habit becomes character and character becomes destiny..!!

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