They say India is poor, with around 50% of the Indian population poor and deprived of basic necessities. Well stats, are stats; allow me to share something with you.

In Mathura and Vrindavan, everyday people provide food to various guesthouses (dharmashalas) and any person can get any amount of food from there. These ‘dharmashalas’ are the source of food and shelter for many of the deprived people in the area. Nobody remains hungry and staying there is free of cost. Unlike other parts, charity here is not done for name or fame, it’s kinda’ silent charity.

I must say that in spite of India being poor; it has the heart to give. Charity in this part of the world is shown not only rich but by middle class alike; of course, not in the same amount as the rich ones, but it is the heart of the person who is doing charity is to be seen and not the amount.

“Atithi Devo Bhava!” is not just an idiom here, people take it seriously. Guests are treated like Gods and their preferences become the family’s favorites. India is a country where children are everything for their parents, they spend all their lives working for them without any expectations, without any returns and just want one thing in return- ‘love’; where faith/blind faith is rampant, people can do almost anything and everything under the sun to appease their idols; where even servants are treated on par with family members; where helping the needy is the first thing to do. This is my country and I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.

Can such a thing exist in foreign countries? No.

It can only be seen in India which is a country of culture and religion.

Foreign countries may have money, facilities and might be better developed than us; all of it might not be here in India, but care and love with respect can only be seen in India.

In fact, I must say that now we are coming on par with other countries in terms of monetary capabilities and all the advanced technologies, facilities etc, but still we have not left our moral values. Today also, money is important for the people of India, but moral values are much more important for us. In the end, I would like to sign-off by reaffirming the fact that, India is a country full of love and care for every one without any type of discriminations.


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