I am not here to criticize anybody, but you should never cringe about anything in life. Let me recite a small story to you that I happened to watch on television. In India, an actress known as Sanaya Irani was all filled up with tears after giving a tribute performance to the 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack survivors. She told how she could hear the firing while she was in a car. At that moment, she was only worried about her parent’s safety and nothing sort of monetary or luxury. After she heard that her family was safe, only then she could give a sigh of relief. Life is unpredictable. We do not even know about the next second, so why live with all the worries and fears in our minds.

Things that can be done to cheer up your mood.

I completely understand that some people are introvert like me, and do not have lots and lots of friends to hang out with. Dear, it’s the quality that matters, quantity is a secondary priority. No matter, there is another awesome solution for you all. Adopt a dog and love him as much as you can. Dogs are proven to cure depression and sadness.

The best thing you can do is to talk with your mother, believe me, there can be no better counsellor than her. Whenever I go through any kind of issue in life, she is there to help me out. I bet she will be there with an awe-inspiring solution for you. Sharing your issues with her will never land you in any problem trust me.

Go outside in a nearby garden or a park and sit with old age people. Try and listen to their way of dealing with problems. Buddy you are unquestionably going to get some wonderful and experienced ways to handle the obstacles.

The best way is to talk to your loved one if you are not into something like this then call out to your best friend or sibling who will not judge you. Go shopping, have dinner, dance like there is nobody around.

One thing that I do when I feel bad is to watch the famous American sitcom Friends, it really rejuvenates my mind and duly and deeply refreshes my mind and gives me hard laughs.

Spend some time with the kids of your locality and if possible play a game or two with them. This step of yours will possibly bring the flashback of your childhood back to you.

Yesterday, I came across an Indian Youtuber Sandeep Maheshwari’s Inspirational videos that are extremely mind-blowing and will change your way you look at life. He is a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur as well. To learn from him would be a good move.

We should never feel sad on the fact that that we are unhappy today. You should always remember that Time is really mighty and can change the way you handle life.

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