“What is this place?” Ms. Oh-so-green-eyes exclaimed, a concoction of anxiety and amusement spilling from her voice,” I just don’t see any girls around!”
I tightened my mouth, creased my brows and let my eyes run wildly over the myriad heads filing in and out of the canteen entrances, and after a quick inspection of the crowd around us, sighed and nodded in concord with what my friend had said.
I had only met her a quarter of an hour back, looking desolately lost and vulnerable in a sea of humans consisting of a ridiculously huge majority of descendants of Adam. When I look back to that day, a find myself concluding it was indeed this mutual bewilderment that we first saw in each others faces for being outrageously looked upon as a rare commodity which weaved our first thread of friendship.
Before I proceed further with my account of being a part of the puny feminine segment of a reputed engineering college, I will state with dauntless pride that I am, to a large extent, a chauvinist, a female chauvinistic! I certainly do not dispute or raise cliché qualms over the abilities of my male colleagues, which I strongly believe is frivolous and wasteful. Yet, I get massively infuriated whenever I find an individuals abilities to excel in a particular area being stereotyped as good or bad for belonging to a “weaker sex”.
So here we were, totally engulfed by the crowd of unnervingly curious eyes following us around, whenever we would gather any amount of audacity to make ourselves a little “visible”. We were genuinely blessed to have a couple of celestial humans (who inspite of being Adam’s descendants, had most proficiently learnt to respect eve’s) accompanying us wherever we went, to shield us from the awkwardness around. They would, on such occasions, with deep concern showing on their faces, nudge us and say “keep your voices down people! You are attracting a hell lot of stares!”
Initially we intentionally maintained a low profile, being submissive to what our “guardians” had been warning us about and making sincere attempts at attracting minimum attention. Sadly, it did not take us long to realize that the attention was fairly inevitable. So we came up with a better idea, a truly cliché one though, to “be ourselves” and not to sweat our brows over trivial reactions. This came only after our initial anguish was replaced by PITY for their helplessness.
I remember having narrated this to a couple of delightfully (and frankly, astonishingly) sensible seniors. “You guys are quite obviously blowing it up too much”, one of them had responded, accusingly, with an irreverently sly smile. “I am pretty sure it wasn’t half as bad as you make it sound. Besides, do not mind, but to tell you the truth, girls in our college are fairly drab and uninteresting. They are also frequently really loud and attention seeking. Girls in north campus are uber cool, they are really mature and surprisingly gifted!” he continued, widening his eyes to intensify the rapture in his words.
THERE. So after being subjected to the “harassment due to insufficiency of like sex population” rather than “sexual harassment” (that might actually sound like something of an exaggeration, though), and having borne it with utmost endurance, when it comes to being appreciated as individuals, we’re made to kneel before the bird brains who prefer to dress up as if Marilyn Monroe died only so that the world would learn to dress up like them and not her. So much for pitying those die-hard “wannabe Casanovas” (who do not feel any shame in being the self proclaimed brightest minds around
) for being so “deprived”!
Now for all my pretty dames who add color and vigor to the very existence of engineering colleges, who brighten up the dreary and monotonous classrooms with their radiant faces, who rejuvenate the exhausted and overworked ear drums with their soft gurgle like laughter, you deserve every bit of fun that you are so stringently banned from having in order “avoid all negative attention”. If they say it’s vulgar, so be it! Stick your tongue out at every moron who intends to curb your freedom, and unveil the feminine before that veil becomes too opaque for the outside world to tempt you anymore with its beauty.

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