The stars were shining to the brightest that day, as if they were trying to fulfill the absence of their friend moon who didn’t came that day. And then suddenly a shooting star happen that day, a sudden spark of hope, joy and fulfillment trying to complete the picture and at least add on a glimpse of moon in that small part of time.

Sometimes there are spaces which are left unfilled but still that space is too adorable and enlighten us even after being a space because once that space was owned by a great personality. That is the impact you leave on people, your surroundings when you start spreading happiness and asking for a helping hand every time you see someone is in need of it. Giving importance to each and every bit of the universe because no one can alone do anything, each and every particle is important. But what makes one different is the way one looks at any situation, the way one handles it. Obstacles come in everyone’s path but different people have different view points about a situation. Like if there is a great fall in the business(or any sort of havoc) then instead of panicking keep your mind cool and calm; and then think of a solution, you’ll definitely get a better solution. It is because the moment you start panicking, you won’t be able to take right decisions, your mind won’t be able to handle tasks properly. It is even proved by the Science that when we panic our mind gets blocked and can’t react to things in a better way. The best way is to be calm and let the thoughts flow in their rhythm and for sure there will be a solution for your problem too in them.

Just like the moon guides the star and stars glorify it’s beauty likewise we all complete each other together. It makes the sky look a little more brighter and stands in the support of the little little stars and guide them as it’s kids. This is one quality every leader or a great person have in them. Having patience deep within and caring and motivating others as much as they can. Inspiring each and every being to the fullest to achieve their dreams; these type of people are the real gems. Their thoughts push the people towards their goal very smoothly.

What all matters at the end is how you react, how you act because not everyone can be a great person but that should not stop you form being a better version of you. Until and unless you won’t bring the change in yourself, bring the positive attitude in yourself you can never ever bring the change in others. In this way you’ll be able to shimmer a little more as you’ll be knowing the circumstances which will be in your way and are ready to shine through them with your brightest spark. 🙂



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