The very thing you fight against,
Is the very thing you desire.
I may be keeping mum about it,
But inside, I am burning like a ball of fire.

Can I go on like this,
At the end of the day I have to decide.
I probably know the answer to this question
This I will have to someday, in you, confide.

I often end up asking myself,
Is this worth all mess in the head?
Why can’t it just stop,
And I can peacefully go to bed.

At times, there is so much to say,
But I stop myself before.
I could have said all those things,
But I don’t wish to hurt you more.

I am aware of my short-comings,
And I know I am not that good.
There is so much to change,
I just wish I could.

There are no expectations left,
And no demands shall follow.
The mind is far from rest,
And the inside is now hollow.

You can say whatever you want to,
I really don’t care what you think about me.
You know exactly when it’s right and when it’s not,
And that somethings aren’t just meant to be.

I try so hard,
But all my efforts go in vain.
I let myself care,
And all I feel is pain.

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