If there is one thing I hate then that would be “Unnecessary Discussions”.

Thus screams my over stressed, over drained mind after another semester ends. And don’t get me wrong there; it wasn’t studies or such related activities that led to the stress part. I have been an alien to studies for quite some time now. Seriously, I have come to the conclusion that studying is an easy way out to make your life!

Look at all the useless discussions going on in facebook and the entire adored social networking medium about who lost a girlfriend and who did his exams so bad. And on top of it all, why XYZ decided to appear for a certain company interview and why a highly reputed company not recruit Ms Intelligent and rather went for Ms Pretty eyes. Either ways, I didn’t get a party so had no say in the matter. I tried striking up a conversation regarding international politics but suddenly realized it was in no better shape than my class politics. My classmates preferred discussing the latter and as I had no clue of why they were shouting over some dates of pracs I again had no say in it.

At the age of twenty I heard from Mr Badri Narayan that many great men had already made a mark in their respective fields. I wonder did they also have to go through the same ritual of discussing about useless things.  In that case I must say hats off to them to have endured so much!

Sometimes it does become embarrassing when your friend in full hypertension mode asks you whether he should sit for company ABC offering 10L but in delhi or company ABC offering 10.5 but in Bangalore. Considering its an important decision for her, I decide to stay mum rather than take a wild guess.

When my bro asks me how to impress a girl I again have no clue what to tell him. The best answer I can come up with is that girls are useless to which he smirks pretty meaningfully at me.

So I end up asking myself suddenly in the middle of the night, (again while having a look at my friend’s profile where he has posted that he is a bachelor again), what actually is the most important thing to be discussed? Is it that damn serious discussion of who will win the next elections or the almighty exam discussions (who will pass or fail?). Or is it Euthanasia (just saw Guzaarish so pardon me)? Or is it the BPO employee rape case?

“I love my country” said a friend, to which I say: “Well dude, go and do something for it then rather than sitting here like a lazy bug”. End of discussion there

Interestingly, this discussion of unimportant discussion has been raging in my mind for the past two minutes and already I have discussed so much on it! Phew!

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