When technically described, it may be a conjunction of singing, dancing and playing instruments but for me it’s a language.. a language which has no barriers, comprehensible to all and the one of the pristine forms to have a cordial alliance with almighty! After having spent years exploring the ulterior aspects of music through singing,  I can say that music is an indispensable part of my life.

A yelling infant may prove to be pestering to some but for the mother it’s a melody which touches her soul. A cacophony to some may appear a euphony to others.. thus music  indeed is an enchanting way to express love which may be conjugal or filial!

On a personal note, I feel connected to god whenever I sing. It connotes my emotions and expressions. Be it sacred SA , radiant RE, gallivant GA, majestic MA or the pacifying PA , all of these notes depict the intricacies of life beautifully. From the rage of Raag Shankara to the exultation of Raag Malkosh, be it the despondent  Raag Todi to the bold and boisterous Raag Bhairav, the peaceful Darbari or the gleaming Raag Bahaar, music has all the components to express oneself! Its magical presence in our lives  can make us smile, laugh and even help in getting a solution for staggering issues in life!

A bhajan can make Meera talk to Krishna, so can a mother soothe her child with a lullaby. Moreover ,through dance the thoughts can be easily conveyed with the diversified actions. The strings of a guitar or a thump at the skins of a drum can be an evincing medium without the presence of words.Even nature’s bliss can be experienced through the melodious chirping of birds..music can actually do wonders! It has it all!

Ludwig van Beethoven aptly described music as the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

so, lets experience the magic of music in our lives!

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