Youth connects to impulse. Youth preaches freedom of speech. Youth believes in speaking up for justice. Youth believes in “on the face thing”.

This same youth does not find much entertainment in theater though. Is this not a bit strange?

Theatre has always been the medium to present the public mood. Writers would keep in mind the burning issues of the days, the emotions prominent in people of the time and present them the literary way on stage. Actors will look into your eyes and say exactly what you wish to say on the street, they will convey a message to the authorities in a way that no lengthy discussions ever could in the parliament. When two people of different status sit in the audience, all they connect with is the dramatical emotions; all boundaries of society get easily dissolved. When these two very people come out on the streets, they will at lengths love to discuss  the play, the strong emotions they felt, the beauty of the dialogues, the grace of the actors; and above all, the message it conveys.

In times of William Shakespeare, the plays portrayed kings and their countrymen, love so deep that is worshipped till date. Indian drama has always been colourful and depicted heroics of the Ramayana to everyday stories of an Indian villager; the colourful, the gaiety and the dark sorrows. From dance dramas to mime shows, the stage has been the courtroom for many social causes.

Sadly, today this very art form has taken a back seat. Many would prefer to sit in a boring cinema that will show nothing but crude gang wars on baseless love dramas than to go to a theatre to watch some of the best plays. Movies at times send serve the purpose of anything meaningful, but only at times; and that too at times delayed. Nothing can ever match an actor shouting with rage on the stage about an injustice or a pretty damsel shedding real tears solely overcome by emotions of the dialogue. It will be cruel to say this art has completely died, as many colleges have their own drama societies where youngsters still enthusiastically direct and enact very successful and meaningful plays. Still, the art as a whole has faded in the larger classes. Maybe someday, it will regain its lost glory…….

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