Usually everyone has one favorite teacher, but I have two! And I really want to be like them in the future.

The first in my list is Mrs. Veena who was my teacher in second standard, a very tender stage in education of a child.

Next came Mrs. Upasana who I was fortunate to have on the verge of my school end.

Veena Ma’am

Our science teacher, Mrs Veena was always with a charming smile on her face, she was everyone’s friend in the class. She encouraged the good students to do better and the unruly ones to mend their ways and also shine. What I liked most about her was that she motivated us for participating in functions like Christmas Day, Independence Day (swatantrata diwas), fancy dress competitions and so on. Sometimes she appeared to be very strict too especially when a student would come without doing homework; on such times, she would punish the kid and make him do the same question ten times!

To motivate us she used to green for who bring green vegetables in class for lunch, golden star for overall behavior in class a day, red star for good handwriting & the last white star for cleanliness. I remember I got golden, green and white star. She also used to be part of our day trip and played games with us on the way.

I was one of her favorite students and she appreciated me for my work but scolded me for my bad handwriting.

I remember my final result day, when she told my parents that “Isko daant do to iska dimaag ka switch off ho jaata hai aur answer nahi de paati” (If I shout at her then  her brain switches off and she can’t answer questions!)

Very friendly person, strict but loving teacher.

Upasana Ma’am

An excellent English teacher Upasana ma’am was also our class teacher in 12th standard. She was charming, beautiful, extraordinary and extremely patient. For everyone in class, she was like our friend and mother. Upasana ma’am made it a point to help everyone with studies, or anything they needed help in.

During our pre board exams I had become very depressed, I remember her helping me through those times. Thank you ma’am.

On teacher’s day, she always played games with us. A teacher like her is really hard to find in this whole universe.
On our farewell, she wished all of us best of luck and had lunch with us. It has been four years since she taught me and she is still in the same school, shaping the future of many other students like me.

Veena Ma’am, Upasana Ma’am, both of you mean the world to me and forever will be. Through your guidance I’ve reached a point in my life where I wanted to be.
Just because of you both, I’m able to have confidence in everything I do.

I miss you both ma’am.

Happy Teachers day ma’am.

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