This teacher’s day, we compiled some of the best teacher-student articles for you. Enjoy!


respect teacherFlashback

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Near my house there is one school. Like every school, it also has a slogan “We adopt your child for 16 years”. Suddenly, A fact struck me. Every school does that. More or less every school is the same when it comes to child care. Remembering…

A Nice Compliment from teacherA Nice Compliment From A Teacher

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A Nice Compliment from teacher

Three years back, when I was a class X student in Vivekananda School, Anand Vihar, I used to think myself as an intelligent student as far as this subject English is concerned. Its not that in other subjects I…

The Great Mass Bunk Tale

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Man came to earth in the form of Adam and Eve. Newton discovered gravity because of an apple, everything has a history so does mass bunks. Let me tell you a story. Long ago, there was a teacher who was admired and whatever he said was an eye..

Trust changed life

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After my X class board exams, I had three months to enjoy as I was free of studies. But still in a few weeks I started feeling as if I have become a Bumpkin as I had no serious work to do. So I decided to join some classes to keep myself busy….

mit1My visit to MIT, Harvard , Michigan State University

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My visit to MIT, Harvard and Michigan State University, last year, has been a great learning experience. I felt and found that, this is a great time to be a teacher. The classrooms are the center of constant innovation in learning activity with…

teachers20make20cbThe empires of the future are the empires of the mind

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I was asked to write something on the occasion of teachers’ day. While I was contemplating what to write I came across a very pressing concern, “Why only on Teacher’s Day we express our gratitude towards teachers when everything and every…

New Age Guru-Shishya Relationship

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Rajasthan University (RU) professor has been arrested for allegedly demanding sexual favors from his student. The victim has alleged that her research guide Dr R K Singhal of the Physics department was harassing her for months. The professor…

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