Its a story of a boy fighting to live in this greedy world. He was totally confused how to fit himself to make the world proud of him. He loses, he stands and that was the best quality in him. He tried and tried until he succeed or get the best he can get at that time. He never misses any opportunity to make it count.

That was not enough to be happy because he cannot make everyone happy. Then also it was his duty to listen quietly to this world so he can understand how kins behave with each and every aspect of his life. He grew, he understands and the day comes when he thought now his family will be proud of him, but he was wrong. It was his result of secondary and he scored above 90% in exams. He was happy but some of his friends were not who scored less marks than him. He thought it to be the human nature and ignores it. But that was his mistake (we will talk about it later).

He took commerce in XIth and was again on the point of people. Everyone telling him he should take science maths, he is very intelligent in science and bla bla bla. He stand confidently and favours his move and he succeeds. But that was not done. He attempted for CA and failed to clear it first time. Again the criticism started. His maternal uncle whose child succeeded for the same exam in first attempt taunted him in many ways and exaggerated in front of people. And on the other side his paternal uncle criticises him on the same. Already he was depressed and instesd of backing him everyone in his family were doing what is called ‘jale par namak chidak rahe the’.

He overcomes his depression and tried harder than before and this time he succeed but the war was not over — abhi bhi who yeh hi sunta hai ki agar who thodi aur mehnat kar leta to uski rank aachi aa jati. But now he understands this world will never praise him. Koi na koi to rahega  hi apki tang khechne ke liye.

Why do  we not understand it’s his life and its his choice to make his life in the way he wants to! One should guide and not pressurise or taunt anyone. Elders should direct students in right direction and not try to behave as crabs.

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