I realized…
When I was a kid
The world was a cocoon
Cosy and comfortable,
Things were so crude and just,
Emotions and relations were ours.

That the teaching we had
Was the guiding pathway,
The god we worshipped devotedly,
belonged to the holy shrine.
There were angels and protectors
in the dreams, lullaby and verses of epics.

That meaning of being good was
Early to bed and early to rise,
Fold your hands and pray few paeans.
The world was so mesmerizing
Hearts reach beyond the peripherals
in the void of universe, in the depth of fables.

Symphony of Life

Now I realize…
As we got wisdom for eternity
to know the privileges of the world,
We explore the mysteries and works.
Got nothing less than cobwebs,
miseries and caste and creeds.

This painful reality came
As a tide of hurdles in
the tide country floating against.
There is ebb of bliss and peace
The gust and gales are all its part,
vision and realization are pole apart.

The musical notes of life has turned
into the moaning of widow’s wail,
Its screaming and cacophony like banshee.
See the diabolic tricks of life
You are refugee in your own country
How long you will run amok….

Here’s the ebb of trust the tide of lust
The lesson we learnt young has
become now a wordy rhetoric
Beauty of love seems anachronous
We humans have become phlegmatic
You call them tragedies, I call it

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