Warning: If you are a student, whose result is awfully bad and you are setting up to suicide, than I suggest you to not read this article, as it may ruin your plan.

“Terrorist, diseases, road accidents, price hike and corruption are already running hard to kill common people, then what is the need for suicide anyway?”
-Arpit Agrawal

One fine morning, the result of 12th standard knocked on my door via the newspaper. By past experience of how to write in examination and slight preparations, I passed it. My parents being exceedingly buoyant didn’t ever rebuke me for scoring less marks but used to become elated if I passed (optimist people).

To compare my marks with my neighbor, class-mate and best friend Neha, I rushed towards her house carrying a box of sweets. (Since without comparing with anyone, we can’t weigh up if our result is good or not). Even before I entered her residence, I got to know her result, hearing the scolding of her mother. Being a human, I enjoy when Neha scores less than me but I never wanted her to fail the exam. I decided to go back from the doorway but her mother saw me and called indoors. With faded face I touched the feet of her parents and presented them sweets. Although they were not-at-all in a mood to eat, but took one each. Neha wiping her tears by her green-dupatta, picked up one too, brought it close to her mouth but couldn’t eat.

When I had entered her home I was awfully content with my result but looking at Neha’s grief, my wits failed to conclude whether the water filled in my eyes was out of my glee or Neha’s woes. Although she was a smart student, due to the trauma or sheer pressure of failure, she had failed. I confess she used to comprehend the subject better than me, now and then she would clear my logic about the subject, but her parents and all the top colleges only want excellent result in the examination. Neha was intolerably poignant but there was no one to hug her and say, “Don’t worry dear, I am with you” (which she needed badly). Her parents were more concerned about her future than Neha herself. Being helpless I came back my home avoiding eye contact with her.
I was lost in thoughts of Neha when the piercing siren of an ambulance upset the silence. I abruptly got up, put on my t-shirt and rushed out to witness my worst nightmare becoming true; Neha was lying in the stretcher, unconscious and two men were taking her. Turning on the deafening siren, the ambulance rushed towards the hospital, I also took my bike to follow them. “Please save the life of my daughter, she gulped a bottle full of sleeping pills”, cried her mother to the doctor. He instantly transferred Neha to the operation theatre followed by a panel of four doctors. Neha’s mom had frozen up like an effigy; she was distraught as to what was happening. I stared at her, my eyes were questioning. She was humiliated enough not to utter a word, gave me a letter and went away crying. It was written by Neha, I could effortlessly distinguish her hand-writing as I used to copy assignments from her notebook loads of time. My hand was trembling, and breath was disrupted. It was not easy to read the suicide note of my best friend. With a heavy heart I started reading,  it said-

Dear mom,
You loved me more than anyone else still I hurt you with my result. I know, I should have worked harder to pass the examination, but trust me I tried to my best.
I will not get admission in any good college now and can never make you feel proud. You at all times expected me to be your son and take your dependability in your old age but I proved to be a failure.
Looking at me, you will always feel sad, so I resolute to end my life and save you from the humiliation. This is the most I can do for you.
Please forgive me and try to forget me. Apna khayal rakhna, ab se papa aapko meri wajah se kabhi nai datenge. Aur haan, Arpit se puchna ki woh paise de ke pass hua hai kya…

Aapki failure beti

Students attempting suicide is exceptionally frequent in India. Each time after the news of “result-out” flash in newspaper, the news of some student’s attempted suicide also comes. If we fail, it only means we need to read again a particular part of our curriculum, what is the bloody need to terminate our life? Failure in an examination does not mean failure in life. I propose students must tag on the following steps instead of suicide which they can find a little weird but surely not more than suicide.
1. Students must catch any train of unknown destination and leave their home and school (the place which humiliates them) instead to lay in the railway tracks and cut into pieces. And I can bet the parents will be happier to know that their children have left their home but not this world.

2. Students must gather all the question papers, notes, books plus report cards and burn them, it is far better than burning yourself.
3. Students should take a sleeping pill and enjoy stretched slumber which will aid in sinking stress, which will apparently be better than taking many pills together and finishing life.

4. Go to the nearest hospital, see people having hundred times grief and pain still fighting to live few more days in the hospital beds. And visiting a hospital is far better than being admitted, isn’t it?

5. Think some inventive ideas to do business and earn money, it will be healthier than thinking about suicide.
6. Write letters to the Education Minister to open huge number of colleges for graduation in singing, dancing and other hobbies too, but stop writing these suicide letter craps.

While waiting outside the operation theatre her parents were thinking only the good traits of Neha. Her father decided he will let her join the singing classes which she desperately wanted to do, as she is an amazing singer. (Humans can’t ever appreciate the worth of what they have till there is a fear to loss it). Even Rajinikanth worked as a bus conductor before being a megastar, whilst enjoying a song sung by Lata Mangeshkar people don’t think whether she is 12 th passed or not, when Sachin hits a six no one asks him whether he has gone to school or not. Talent is not the slave of any degree. Education is a vital part of life, but only a part not whole of it.

Five years passed, I joined in a multinational software company, today I took half day leave and going to attend a music concert, I got free passes for the show as the singer is my childhood friend. Doctors rescued Neha but don’t know how many Nehas are there who can’t be rescued. So if you are a failed student, an upset daughter-in-law, a bankrupt farmer, an unsuccessful businessman or any injured soul, after reading this article you may wrap it up as – “the step of suicide is not worth taking”. Give your life some more time, time can heal any wound. And please pass this message to those who you think are hurt (by any reason), so that we can save some-one’s life…

Devoted to the Country
Arpit Agrawal

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