Originally Published on November 2, 2011

Not so long ago, there was a group of five boys in my school. Thoroughly talented, that group had life in it. They named themselves ‘Chocolates‘ in the very first year of their formation. There was everything in ‘Chocolates’. Somebody was artistic in studies, somebody was talented in writing, somebody was good in speaking and somebody was interested in gizmos. Everything was there in that group. The tightly bonded friendship had made them the strongest group in the school. Abhorrence had no place in their friendship.

During school days, Chocolates would study mutually, would bunk as a team, would perform on stage together and had never thought of ever being devoid of each other. They all would gather at sunset everyday where they would converse about their plans for the next day. Friendship for them was strictly more vital than any other task in their lives. Unfortunately, if one of them fell ill then the rest of them would go to his home to inform and tell him what the teachers had taught that day. All the staff as well as the students of the school were acquainted with the strength of their friendship, sacrifice and dedication. One would become a helping hand to the other in the time of suffering i.e. the exam times. He would teach his friends the concepts they were weak in.

One day, one of the Chocolates got transferred to another section of the same class in the second last year of school, following the subjected rules of the school. It was that day when they all realized that they can’t study, can’t enjoy, can’t respond to the teacher and infact can’t even have lunch if they are not together. In turn that transferred boy would also come back to his previous class after each period to meet the rest of them. Life was only enjoyment for them. If one of them would fail in one subject then another one would say “I was also about to fail” to him even if he had passed with a top rank.

It was their last year in school when they apprehended at the word “Separation”.‟ On the day of the Farewell, they realized how would they be able to live without each other for the next three-four years? Living without each other would be so depressing, I had never realised before. And today, when they all have packed their bags and decided to do engineering in different parts of the country, I’m rubbing my eyes while remembering those days they all had spent with me. Being one of the Chocolates, the pain I’m experiencing today while thinking about living without my parents is equivalent to the pain I’ll go through when I live without them. My father and mother would help me in showing the truthful corridor to success and they all would be in that corridor lending a hand to me…My sister would edify me how to cross the road and they all would be cheering me, from the opposite side of the road.

I know God will get nothing by separating us with our parents and with our friends but still there would definitely be a question behind this…Maybe it is to help us realize that parents are the everything in our lives… And the importance of friends in one’s life! I will keep on searching for these answers all my life.

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