The tests went by so did fun,
He predicted what was to be,
But life came to him with one,
Terrifying truth that he is nothing,
But a jar of distilled water who thinks of sea.

Is that so, is it what I was destined for,
No it cannot be,
I was competent enough, I was so sure,
Of being the one all appreciated and see,
Myself being the idol to many.

Oh!! A wretched feeling this is,
It gives you strength still weakens you more,
You then start thinking how can you be so sure,
Is it so, did it happen to me you think, this,
Wretched feeling never lets you blink.

How does it feel to be on the top, you wonder,
Oh!! So great and elated would I feel for I had got
The thing to which I did surrender,
My everything, sleep, time, action and thought,
But since those are not for me, I have fallen apart.

Why am I like me, why can’t I be more like them,
Brilliant, exceptional, fast, knowledgeable,
After all my hard willed efforts, why do I have to face shame,
In front of no one but myself,
Why did I do it? Ask me and shall I tell you the reason?

Could that be the end of my beautiful life,
Or do I start afresh again,
Would it be so difficult for me to thrive,
With all those scars that gives pain,
No more than a pin, no less than a sword,
All that I have worked for has just fallen apart.

Guilt evades like storm,
Anger fills my veins that are ready to burst,
It sparks the fire, yes it does, it will take its form,
As the beast that steers me away through the thirst,
For fame, money, happiness and lust.

Oh!! I won’t fall, not like this,
I will stand on that fire fully formed,
That will take me to heights no one has foreseen,
And then shall the door be slammed,
Upon the face of the test that ruined the very basis of my confidence.

You might call it a grave failure but I call it – “THE RISING”

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