How many times have you heard people say, “Oh I know my husband so well, he just wouldn’t do this!” or, “I know her through and through; she is my best friend after all!” Famous last words, DON’T ever believe them!!!!

You can live with someone an entire lifetime and yet not know everything about them. We know only what the others may wish to reveal or what actions and words give away. And that holds true of even those closest to us.Believing in the good old days that the loving is telling all and knowing all, I would be frustrated if loved ones chose to keep away certain things or even at the hint of a falsehood. I would consider it betrayal to keep even stray thoughts a secret. Being painfully honest was almost a religion. Why should there be any secrets between lovers- loving is to be naked with each other in every respect.

Life is a great teacher and we all grow up to know better. Revealing the simple truth isn’t possible because there’s nothing simple about truth. Revealing yourself completely to another is impossible because there are multiple dimensions to your personality just as there are multiple dimensions of the same reality, looked at from different perspectives. There’s a generous you and there is a mean you; you are honest as well as dishonest; creative as well as destructive; calm as well as chaotic. It all depends on the time of the day or who you are interacting with. Were you to reveal all these selves to others, would they not consider you fit case for multiple personality disorder? And yet, you know that you are fine with the way you are because an amalgamation of all these characteristics makes you, YOU- the entity.

Revealing the entire truth is not even an option because truth, far from being just a binary representation of life, is contextual and multidimensional. Being truthful to one another is a complex expression because you are just revealing an aspect of yourself which is true and there are many other aspects. And so, when there is a truth and falsehood in everything, your reality is the end of the stick you happen to latch on to.

They say there’s a sacred space locked deep within us. The world sees what you choose to reveal. And isn’t that a blessing? Imagine your soul laid out bare for all to see, every thought, every emotion, every idea that that flits through your mind. What a horrifying thought!!!! Today, far from insisting on revealing all, I wouldn’t want to peep into someone else’s sacred space either!! Call it loss of innocence or a part of growing up, but today I respect the need for a sacred space within which one can withdraw to, gain success from and always depend upon. As for not knowing everything about friends, acquaintances and loved ones, thank God for that!!!!!!

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