Confidence comes when you have faith in your inner powers and you draw upon that higher power from it. As much time it takes to build confidence, that little time it takes to lose it. Everyone’s achievements are an effort to prove their worth to others rather than keep them happy. In such a scenario losing confidence is very easy and common too. However, we also know that there is no room for lack of confidence in this world. Whether it is the loss of a job, a break up, or a failure at school, the shattered confidence can be picked up and rebuilt, only if you are willing to do so. It is going to take time and a lot of efforts, before you begin to feel at your best again. Yes, regaining confidence is possible, and here’s how

If you feel you are defeated and have lost confidence in your ability to win, sit down, take a piece of paper and make a list, not of the factors that are against you, but of those that are for you. Here, I tell you a story which will guide you how to go about it:-

Few days back I met a boy who was just out of his Xii board result, he was in great despondency. He revealed utter despair. He said he “was all through.” He informed me that he lost two years of his life in CBSE 12th board exams. He said he “did not have a single thing left, he lost everything.”

“Everything?” I asked.

“Everything,” he repeated.

Naturally I felt sympathetic toward him. “So,” I said, “suppose we take a piece of paper and write down the values you have left.”

“There’s no use, “he said.”I haven’t left with anything. I thought I told you that.”

I said, “Let’s just see anyway.” Then asked, “Are you parents still with you?”

“Why, yes of course, and they have been tower of strength. They will never leave me no matter how bad my things are.”

“All right, let us put it down-your parents are still with you. How about your friends?

: yes,” he said, “I have wonderful friends. They have come around and said they will like to help me, but what can they do? They can’t do anything.”

“That is number two-you have fine friends. How about honesty? Have you done anything wrong?”

“My integrity is fine,” he replied. I have always tried to do right thing.”

“Ok,” I said, “we put that as number three. How about your health?”

“My health is good,” he answered. “I have very few sick days and I exercise regularly.”

“So let’s put it down as number four- good physical health. How about studies? Do you still think you want to study in Delhi under CBSE board?”

“Yes,” he said. “Delhi is the only place in the world I want to live in.”

“That is number five-you live in Delhi and you are glad to be here.” Then I asked, “How about your religion faith?” Do you believe in God?

“Yes,” he said.

“Now,” I said, “let’s see the assets you have:

1. Parents-who had been tower of strength and supportive throughout.

2. Friends who will help you when you are down.

3. Honesty-nothing to be guilty of.

4. Good physical health.

5. Live in Delhi, the land of opportunity.

6. Have faith in god.

I shoved him across the table at him. “I guess you have quite a total of assets. I thought you told me you lose out everything.”

He smiled ashamedly. “I guess I didn’t think of those things.” “Maybe I can start all over again.

So next time if you feel you are defeated follow the same method.

Always picture “success” no matter how bad things seem to be going.

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