It was a cold midnight and a murder of crow were sleeping in a big banyan tree. They were disturbed by a crew saying “JAI HIND.” The little one woke up and asked its father the reason for the noise. The father replied this was the sound of their longing soul for freedom. The little understood nothing. The day broke up and the little one was amazed to see people very happy, distributing sweets and enjoying never as before. It was as though some wonder happened overnight. The whole murder of crow were enjoying a very good meal that day. At the end of the day the little one asked its father the reason for their happiness. The father crow replied that they had got freedom from all their bondages. The little one saw the spirit of patriotism in the eyes of people.

On a bright day the murder of crows decided to take a tour all over the world. They left the big banyan tree and started their journey. The little one missed India and longed to come back soon.

Years rolled on, the little one grew up well and had a happy life but still longed to return India. The day came and the murder of crows returned to India. The little one which was all grown up up now, with great excitement searched for the big banyan tree. But it found everything different. It asked the native crows what was happening in India. They replied “Fogg is happening” (just for fun). The crow told the native members about the patriotic people and their love for nation. Now the native crows understood the matter and took it to a stadium. The crow found people shouting “INDIA, INDIA”. It felt so happy to hear it. When they came out it found people being so selfish and hurting his kith and kin. Now the native crows explained that it was the same people shouting at the stadium, their patriotism will be shown up during cricket match. The crow felt so sad that the toil of the ancestors had gone away in the storm of time.

So now guys, I never meant to blame anyone, its our duty to do our part as a citizen of this nation. Studying about India’s freedom struggle, quit india movement as a important lessons in social is not enough.

Not all the days in a year, at least on this independence day, lets say our kids about our country and lighten up the spirit of patriotism in them. Because they are the future of this nation. Its not the responsibility of schools or government to celebrate the Independance Day, we too have to take an oath on this day to do something good for our mother nation.
INDIA is not only a book to be studied, it is a book in which every citizen has a page to be filled. It is not enough to study history, but to create it. Will you??

Rosila R

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