The horrible truth about communal slaughter in India is that we are used to it. It happens every so often; then it dies down. That’s how life is. Most of the time India is world’s largest democracy and secular, of course and if once in a while it lets off a little crazy religious stream and we are all set to kill each other. Wow! I am amazed, how crazily we love our religion, our so called ‘Respective GOD’.

Israel and Palestine killing each other, Hindu-Muslim slaughtering each other. From Catholics vs Protestants in Northern Ireland to Shia vs Sunnis in Muslim, question of building a mosque at ground zero, burning of Quran by a New York resident, and mosque or a temple at Ayodhya, too many questions ! They will haunt us.

“All religious people are mad, because they don’t trust reason. Mad, because they love life. Mad because they can dance and sing. Mad because to them life is not a question, not a problem to be solved, but a mystery into which one has to dissolve oneself.”

The truth is that we are actually driving ourselves away from our faith. Instead of discovering the many gods within ourselves, we are kneeling before our GOD who teaches through his word – what is good or bad, right or wrong, true or false. We are thus moving away from truth and chasing a false prophet who turns man against man, man against woman and man against other species.

Religion is turning out to be a poison in blood in world today. Where religion intervenes, mere innocence is no excuse. Yet, we go on skating around this issue, speaking of religion in the fashionable language of “respect”.

What is there to respect in any of the crimes now around the world in religions dreaded name? How well, with what fatal results, religion erects totems, and how willing we are to kill for them. And when we have done it often enough, the deadening of affect that results makes it easier to do it again.

If this is one cost of following a religion then I pray to become an atheist. India’s problem is turning out to be the world’s problem. What’s happening in the world in GOD’s name? The problem name is GOD.

– Garima Jain

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