Apocalypse is a Greek word, literally meaning “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”; it’s a term which has been phrased more often than not in recent times in unison with 2012, the year the ‘Mayan’ calendar predicts the end of the world to be in. Search deeper and you might be able to draw references to 6 different ‘types’, a more appropriate term will be ‘Eschatology’: Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Zoroastrian and a multi-religious one too. Most of us might be conversant with the Hindu one, the one about Kaliyuga and the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu; when humans have lost all sanity and hypocrisy prevales, Lord Shiva dissolves and Lord Brahma regenerates the universe.  But I would say all of it is inflation, should we really be afraid of it? As one of my teachers used to motivate us in terms of inertia: I would like to ask, have we really become so scared of “Change”; which perhaps is the most important and fundamental phenomenon of nature.

Let’s, first discuss inertia/habit by means of a short fable.

Once there lived a sage somewhere back in the ancient times. He was the ‘mahaguru’ at a ‘gurukul’, and had a few students, whom he used to teach the Bhagvad Gita and other holy scripts. Once a kitten came there and sat down while he was performing a ‘puja’. So, the students asked him, “Guruji! What shall we do with the kitten?” The Guru was a noble man; he replied, “Let it stay”. So it stayed on, for the students too it was a welcome change; so they fed it and played with it. The next day again the same thing happened. So, in time the same thing kept on happening and the kitten became a pet to the ‘Gurukul’. One day, the kitten died, the students asked Swamiji for another cat; he complied. After some time, Swamiji passed away; a new ‘Mahaguru’ was appointed to the ‘gurukul’. The same actions were repeated again and again. After many years, when the 10th ‘Swamiji’ were appointed, he asked for ‘widhi’ (rules) for performing the ‘puja’. The students complied and started by first naming the ingredients; Step 1: Light the holy fire and place a kitten in proximity with the fire…..

So, what we observe here is that habit is anti-change and well, it ain’t that good for survival.

There is a quote which goes like this:

“It is not necessary to change; survival is not mandatory”

Change is inevitable, they say and I seem to agree. What we are witnessing today is a “world of lies” of great deceptions and maybe 2012 will provide an end to it all. I’m not treading onto the Biblical lines here; what I want to say here is that it might well, spell the end for the existence of religion and science; and give birth to something unified, something I haven’t been able to christen yet. Imagine a world in which you would be able to say on the basis of scientific accounts about previously theological questions: regarding existence of soul, life & God. You might think I have great fixation for this apocalypse thing, and maybe you’re right with your allegations too, but how many of you didn’t feel like zooming off to Pandora after watching ‘Avatar’. I guess I’m drifting now.

The dimensions of your thinking multiply when you think about the enormous prospects, this burst of knowledge may provide; a unified TOE, the birth of the universe, sub-atomic particles; it seems the more you know, the more you come to know that you know nothing. I would love to go on and on, on the possibilities only, but I like to keep it short.

Final word: Embrace yourself for the apocalypse, who knows what lies on the other side….

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