Standing at the corner of a road, waiting for the bus, around 7:30 in the morning, I was enjoying the peace of early morning around me. A few minutes later there was an accident (a small one) between a bike and a cycle! A small quarrel is obviously an expected thing in this case, which hindered the way of other vehicles on road. When they moved to their respective ways there was an over-speeding bus which again made all the other vehicles, crossing the road, to stop. But the fact is that not everyone, whether in a car, scooter, bike or even cycle actually stopped! They all kept on struggling to find the slightest suitable path through which their vehicle could pass and so as to prevent wasting any time. Even though this was further worsening the condition of traffic and they all were actually in the middle of the road shouting , pressing the horns constantly and even abusing to each other to move forward, backward,this side or that side!

Well! It is not just a simple traffic scenario that we see on the roads, it actually tells a lot about the state of mind of the people today. Everyone is too preoccupied with his/her own stuff to realize what’s happening around or how these things are affecting the people around them. Each and every person that I see, seems to be running after something or someone. And same was the case with every person present on the road that morning .they were ready to drive in a manner that can easily damage their vehicle, they were ready to shout, abuse but they just could not WAIT!

Whenever I see such incidences I don’t know why but I strongly feel that the main reason behind such situations is somewhere the lack of PEACE in the lives of people. And this lack of peace leads to the lack of calmness and patience which injects frustration and anger. Whether we wish to believe it or not but this is the truth, years back peace and calmness used to naturally exist in the lives of people but now they are made to exist. And people tend to hire various sources to bring in the peace. Some run after the spiritual gurus, some will resort to meditation classes. Moreover, its quite an easily available scene showing people reading books with title “10 steps to control your anger” or “how to lead your life peacefully”. Isn’t it funny that we need books, articles and people to reassure us about our behavior and point of view towards life?
In my view, the root cause of all this is actually the dissatisfaction through which we all go through at some point in our life. We all have dreams and obviously we want to turn them into reality but the fact is, not all of our wishes can come true but then it’s quite hard to accept that. So people keep running after their dreams and forget completely that there exists a life out of the ambitious world too. Whenever I see people working madly in MNCs always coming home late, ignoring family for work, I really feel like telling them “go get a life!” because according to me earning huge amount of salaries, shopping from the best brands, driving the car which makes heads turn are not the things that bring you peace, its more about self -satisfaction and love that obviously money can’t buy!

A thing to be kept in mind is that a non-peaceful person can just never be successful, but today’s fast moving life, make us ignore this fact. From, a student struggling to score in his school to a student worrying about placement in college, an already working person in an office to a successful businessman, each and every-one somewhere finds himself trapped in the cobwebs of this fast running world. Nobody has the time to stop for a minute and think what is happening with them and what they actually want. However, there is a big need for self- introspection by every individual so that they can meet themselves and find a place in their life where the peace lies!

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