Small things ; they do matter…


A silent smile , a suppressed laughter , that tear that just spilled from the corner of your eyes, your care that went un-noticed , the insane love that’s buried in your heart…….

Small things ..they are.

LifeWhen you cried your eyes out , she stayed up all night. When you had fever , he pulled you up in his arms. Your first heart-break and the pillar of strength your soul-sister did become. You looked away and a peck on the cheek that he gave..

Hell yeah….Small things they DO MATTER!

The feeling was everywhere. The piercing sunlight was turning her eye-lids red and strangely , the colour matched the heat and the passion within herself..The heat-twas EVERYWHERE.

She was in love with Life.. Much more than she could ever imagine but definitely , twasn’t enough to change anything – maybe just enough to hurt her even more.

He was watching her sleep.. A calm face , sharp features , lips that seemed to be smiling whenever he looked at them… Damn ! Twas bringing back all those incredible and beautiful moments spent together. He was in love with her. He didn’t care about anything more than that – her pain. She didn’t deserve even a bit of it. In this moment , he felt as though they were the same person. He felt joy , too and yet her happiness was somehow also PAIN. AAAAaaaarrrggghhhh…………… Almost tangible -burnt against his skin like acid – A slow torture…

Last few seconds…of her life… She felt the world shrinking inside her with everybody she loved standing on the other side.. She wanted to live… She had fought with full vigor …she was fighting..for her life…until now….

He could see it clearly…. her end approaching faster than light…. the way she was longing to be with her family-her husband,her parents,her daughter………. Her faith that was dying down…… and she CLOSED her eyes….

The world was behaving like tight water compartments and he was trying hard to open his mouth and breathe…struggle to live…….. He could , for one brief moment , clearly see his daughter behind the lids of his tear-wet eyes.. His ONLY reason left for his very existence.

He wished….. the small syringe that was injected  post her pregnancy was not a USED one… He wished to go back to that particular moment to change that discard that and  get a new and a fresh syringe……. Ofcourse , a small needle-like thing carying a deadly virus (HIV infected)… it took away her life..his life too..

Small things do matter.


if only we stop ignoring them..


You might just wont be able to relate with the incidents and the way I have portrayed its importance. Thank you still , for reading it… Your suggestions are welcome.

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