I don’t know how many of you know about one of India’s best classical dancer Sudha Chandran. She has also won many laurels and acclamation’s for her dancing skills. In June 1981, she met with a major accident and lost one of her legs. Can you believe how heartbreaking it is for a dancer to lose one of the major body part used in dancing? She continued her passion even with an artificial leg. Ms. Sudha Chandran is a living inspiration for all of us. She went on to be satisfied with what she was provided with and ultimately reached her goal.

We all come across a lot of problems on an everyday basis. For instance, anybody can feel less worthy of somebody else because of monetary factors. Some feel about flaws in their appearance.

For all those, who feel they are a part of the above categories, please learn to love yourself guys. You never know what is going to happen in life next. Look at the poor people in your locality, they don’t even have shelters when it rains, food when they want to have and the factor of education is far far away from them. God has provided you with an ample amount of niceties. Please get the hang of it and learn to respect them.

I will request you to visit an orphanage near your home someday. Approach the kids there and talk to them about how they feel about not having anyone to scold them. Let alone being loved. Have respect for your parents. It’s because of them you are here in the world and perhaps what you have learned in life is the seed of their worthy efforts. Love them a lot.

Talking about appearances, I would suggest you to take inspiration from an acid attack victim. You will have tears in your eyes before you reach the end of the conversation.Is it anyway there mistake to have suffered? No ! it’s absolutely not. Getting a small pimple or slight discoloration on your face is no way near to the pain they go through. So embrace your imperfections. Judging yourself or somebody else on the basis of appearance is doltish.

At the end of the day, pray and thank God for what he has provided to you. Things are taken aback in seconds, no matter from where you belong, or on what post you are recruited, we are all same for him. The gist of the story is to be satisfied and happy with what you have right now. Thank him for providing you with health, wealth, and prosperity every day before sleeping.

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