Few hours from now, and we will be entering into a new year, 2018. Just in a blink of eye we went through one more year. Every year, our life proceeds like rotation of any point on the periphery of a rotating wheel. Sometime we are at the top (happy, elated, successful), and sometime at the bottom (sad, hopeless, besieged by problems, failures). In nutshell, when we hark back, we realize that every year that goes past, bestow us with experiences, failures, successes, and learnings, leaving behind much deeper impact of life.

Whatever our positions may be, with the oncoming of New Year we are replete with new hopes, admirations, energy, passion, liveliness, spirit and many more. We start hunting for new resolutions, which should be incongruous to the last years, rare and outstanding. In most of the instances, we hardly stick to our resolutions for long. We make promises we can’t keep and speak of goals we won’t do. We do not go for action and execution, and that’s why resolutions/goals become illusion.

We are making goals and resolutions only to construct ourselves and make us successful. This year let’s make resolutions to make a better and safer society. Let’s promise ourselves not to eve-tease anyone, be bold enough to venture out and protest if anyone dares to curb our freedom, make women safe both inside the womb and outside by developing respect for them and changing our idiotic and orthodox mindset.

Let’s promise to respect our parents, and especially elderly. Let’s promise not to hesitate in bearing their expenses, not to torture them for property, let’s not make them victim of material exploitation, abandonment, and verbal humiliation, emotional and psychological torment. Let’s promise we will never neglect or deprive them.

Let’s promise not to ill treat servants and maids in households, not to deprive them of their basic facilities, not to harass or beat or force them to work without taking rest.

Let’s promise to first change ourselves and evoke the humanity that has gone missing from our lives and try to make this world a better and safer place where people are not treated inhumanly. Let’s start with some piecemeal steps and be committed to them. Let’s try to give our society a inspiration, a ray of hope, on this new year.

Happy New Year..!

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  1. I me and myslef take a vow to change the society and make a better place for women.

    A unique resolutions for a prosperous new year

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