A look of perplexity could be observed on my face. My gaze shifted from place to place, as if awaiting some divine intervention….

I looked around confused and bewildered, persuasively manoeuvered by tantalizing factors beyond my capacity to twig. Then, I moved to revisit the smiling face of the salesman, whose enthusiasm had somewhat waned since the first time he had seen me. For the past 40 minutes, I had been indecisively roving in his store, without picking anything for purchase. Finally I decided to purchase the shirt that I had liked the most. I heaved a sigh of relief…

As soon as I steeped out of the store, I opened the bag like a child for whom Christmas had come early. The exuberance and exultance of my spirit faded into an expression of ambivalence. “Should I have taken the Red one instead?” I lingered there for about half an hour, lamenting at the choice I had made, or rather, the choice I had not, and then I began my journey back home. I never imagined that a trip to the market would become such an ‘enlightening experience’….

Perhaps this is the ‘The Ugly Truth’ of a bustling economy; the simplest decisions have been magnified into complex matters of choice. There is so much to chose from and so little time (and money, of course)….

Everyday, from the moment we wake up, countless potential decisions await us. Some may be as trivial as to how we would like to commute to our place of work and some might even be important enough to cost us a fortune (either today or in future!).

The human race prides itself on being very judicious and rational. After all, we are blessed with celestial power of intelligent thought and speech. We are the ones who judge between what is right and wrong, good and bad.

So, are we as smart as it is believed universally?????????

Many of us like to think that we are prudent consumers and that every purchase we make is in sync with our needs and purchasing power, when it boils down to a single lesson…. A consumer cannot always be rational and his behavior cannot be defined with 100% accuracy by a few mathematical models that have been established by reputed economists. Every individual is unique and has a different set of likes and dislikes.

So at the end of the day, it is perception that rules us (and hence the market as well……). The only factor that matters is you – the omnipresent, omnipotent and obligatory consumer………………

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