sun and moon

The Sun was in his bathing suit. The Moon in her pajamas.
They played all day until the two were called in by their mamas.
The Sun went home and climbed in bed. His mama sang a tune.
And soon the Sun was fast asleep and dreaming of the Moon.

The Moon decided not to go. Instead she stayed outside.
She danced and played and laughed and sang,
’til she was sleepy-eyed.

When morning came, the Sun arose and went outside to play.
But could not find his friend, the Moon, who slept inside all day.
So now these two are best of friends apart in dark and light.
The Sun turns in at evenfall. The Moon comes out at night.

The shining Moon sees no sunlight. The Sun sees no moonbeams.
But when they both are fast asleep, they’re in each other’s dreams.

I was teaching a rhyme to my kid which was by Kenn Nesbitt when I realized that somehow the writer must have thought about this rhyme after hearing my love story or some similar story.

This rhyme is really beautiful and it talks about the ‘Sun and the Moon’ and how they are best friends but still they are never able to meet. In this rhyme he talks about that irrespective of the fact that they work in harmony and do know that their true worth is only realized because of the presence of the other but still they have sacrificed their friendship for the bigger role i.e. for the betterment of society. He further says that still being aware of the fact that one friend can’t meet the other they don’t forget the other and still remember them whenever they dream(or when they have time). Isn’t it a nice rhyme!

So coming back to the topic ‘my love is same like the love of the sun and the moon’ i.e. irrespective of the fact that I may not be able to meet her ever again but still I love her from the bottom of my heart and many times her image is only one which comes when I dream of a girl with whom I may want spend my rest of the life.

While I still haven’t told her anything and the reason is not that I am afraid of her being No but what if she says YES. Am I really worth of her love and would I be able to really suffix her happiness.

While I do get my inspiration from her and would be still getting it in future but I do know that some relations are only good till they are kept in the heart of the lovers.

Quite Unconditional but it’s true.

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