Everything that is unattainable (or seems so) or is mysterious, not known, not explored is irresistibly fascinating to human.

Or maybe obsession just happens, anytime, anywhere and with anything.

There is a story of a man in which he tells that when he was a child, he got obsessed with a very ugly dog and no matter how ‘prepossessing’ a dog was offered to him by his family he wanted only that one.

There was one acquaintance of mine whom I particularly liked (I don’t know why though, I know people of more intelligence or beauty or character or riches, whatever decides the liking factor) and it has been a year now in my efforts to turn that acquaintance into friendship, and they all have been futile. Now, after many blunders, lots of scolding from close friends and some emotional suffering I realized that it was just a silly obsession.

Love and obsession

When I first read ‘Gone with the wind’ , I thought it just happened there, in a fictitious story. Scarlett grows up dreaming of Ashley as her husband and years later after going through so much, she realizes it was just an obsession, a dream that was fascinating only because it was unexplored ( otherwise, she had an easy access to every man she desired 😛 ),and Ashley doesn’t suit her after all. And this process of chasing madly what she actually does not want, she loses someone who truly loved her.

But I slowly realized how common it is. They say they are ‘madly in love‘, a love that is not reciprocated on other side. And they are desperately waiting for the day when it will be. Meanwhile they are immersed in a self-emotional-torture, quitting all other sides of life. It is pathetic especially if you see that happening with your own friends.

Is that love? That gives no joy or happiness?

Nah, that’s obsession. Once you get it, you’ll lose interest as easily as it was never there. And that does not happen with love.


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