One random day just wandering around wondering about something, I ended up having a discussion with this lady. She gathered all her attention onto me for that while and occupied me with her frivolous vibes around. She’s quite an educated woman yet a housewife for 20 years!! I could not hold my *always asked* query and threw it onto her straight-away “Why a housewife and not a working woman?!? You are not worth IT..!!

She replied “I am the busiest working creature on earth, stupid!!” I have often noticed, she has this calm yet convincing expression always. She continued “a working woman might work for a 9-5 shift, I work in this house; she manages few files, I manage this whole household; the only difference is she is paid for all that stress unlike me.” “I must finish my pending chores now; Harsh would be almost back, it is time”, she said hurriedly.

Yes, it was time for my younger brother to get back from school and to yearn for lunch as always with an ever ready  “nimbu pani” in her hands as a soothing tranquilizer in this scorching heat. My mom left me with few entangled thoughts, unsolved queries, amazement, flicking imaginations.

She’s been a great student who “admired” studies, a teacher who believed in knowledge rather than just gulping syllabus books as a medium for education, then an awesome house-wife and with an add-on “a loving mom”.

She’s achieved a lot in her life. She is not yet satisfied with it all, there are few more surprises unwrapped! She can charm anybody with her thought-expressions, the arena of her imagination, knowledge, facts, upgraded information, determined approach … and a lot more!

Waking up at 5:00 in the morning and sleeping at 1 o’clock in the night is frustrating. But, according to her she enjoys it. All because she has managed herself, her household and its related chores like a ROADIES task. For her this is her LIFE!

She is so much into social stuffs. Never misses a chance to discuss few important and on-going updates between the gossip monger aunties. She is spiritually embarked too. Reading is her part of life by choice. Whether it is Ramayana, Geeta, Times of India or Delhi Times; she reads them all!!

For her, family comes first no matter what. She the image of a goddess to me who being a single body works with infinite souls, hands and minds but with only one beautiful and selfless heart that beats for her family! She remains awake till the wee hours of the morning when we are suffering from an uncomfortable sleep. She would shout on us when we are going wrong and would still make us finish our meals even when she is angry. She would rather just slap us when we cry instead of pampering us unnecessarily and would cry out of tears when the moments are gaiety.

Her voice and mood-swings might confuse the other person to just take a wild guess whether she is irritated o is ignoring the matter.

When she speaks; others opt to keep quiet and just listen.

When she pauses; others ask her to continue.

When she breaks her silence; the debate’s conclusion stands in her ground!

Yes, she is the woman of substance.

A woman who is earning money has not got the mere right to achieve something “BIG” but a woman who is earning respect, accolades, support from all, yet, faces criticism many a times and then unending appraisal for the same after the rectifications implied, becoming a “SUPERMOM” is something to be called “achieving BIGGER”.

My mom has been a pal, a teacher, a guide, a source of empowerment, my pillar of strength throughout. The position and order she has achieved in my eyes is irreplaceable. And I, being the luckiest girl on earth to have a mom like her, have achieved the “BIGGEST” worth for my life! She has lived her aspirations from my achievements. She has imbibed in me those values that can be hardly forgotten. She has set herself as an example stating what matters is knowledge, talent and belief on yourself that can make you stand in the crowd with a unique persona. According to her, “talent speaks and makes you earn your bread-and-butter, even if one might be a failure in his class. Everyone has a capacity of its own. The rest depends on the quantum one uses out of the same.”

The comparisons of a mothers’ horizon of love, care, experiences and tenderness has no ending, no conclusions. For every child a mother is a praise-worthy figure. This is just a token of my feelings put forward in words. Paying back to her, for what she has lost for us, is invaluable and uncountable, rather impossible.

Thanks mom, for everything!!

– Prachi Sharma


  1. To me,my life is a country and my mom is the president of it.Thanks to this website for helping me to realize the fact again that moms are those creatures who have learned the lesson of sacrifice properly in cost of their capability of earning a lot of money by using their intelligence and I also give a big salute to this website for spreading this feeling among the new generation.

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