Isaac Fowler rightly said,

Your imperfections are marks of authenticity, and that is the beauty of you.

Take a nice walk from your home to the next bus stop you see. Did you happen to find everyone happy on your path? No, you did not. Now stare at yourself standing in front of the mirror. Do you realize that you are living a much better life than people you came across while you were wandering?

Tell me one person in the world who does not live with a glitch in his or her life and the only difference perhaps is to change your perception towards it. You are one of a kind with unique traits and qualities. Being fat, skinny, tall, short, black or white are just mere bugs that do not even hold importance in future. Most of us complain about something that’s wrong with our appearances, do not be that cruel to yourself because all this does not count when it comes to portraying of our talents.

Known for his beautiful epic Paradise Lost, John Milton lost his eyesight at the age of 43 but this factor did not hamper his capabilities and thus he continued contributing his flair to English literature. He is famous as the most learned poet of all times.

Heller Keller was the the first of the deaf and blind person’s to earn a bachelor’s degree. She completely was a bang on , she overcame a lot of stumbling blocks but eventually achieved what she wanted to. She made her weakness to be her greatest strength.

We adore and love Beethoven’s violin music but how many of you all know that the ace violinist lost his hearing power due to an auto-immune disease named Typhus. To our surprise he composed some of his greatest works during this time.  We learn from him that the key of overpowering your flaws is to understand the power of your will.

One of the most renowned actresses who is famous among us as Mikaela Banes from the Transformer series had a condition called Brachydactyly Type – D which gave her clubbed thumbs.

Did that stop her from becoming the most eminent actress we know in Hollywood?.

When you start loving yourself, you look even better because no sort of makeup can compete with the might of a beautiful smile. Please stop being hard on yourself. I happened to read something on Reddit that literally made my day. A man confessed that “ If he really loves a person, he would probably be loving her flaws too. You can’t love someone without loving all of them, otherwise, you are just loving the fantasy of them. If a girl he likes had a scar, that would be one of the things that happened in her life that brought her to him.”

“True freedom is being without anxieties of imperfections

Here are some ways, you should adopt which will help you to be thankful to God for what he has made up for you and will also act as a helping hand to overcome anxiousness about your looks.

#, First of all, read Tuesday’s with Morrie, it’s a beautiful piece of work that will change your outlook towards life forever.

# All that matters is a kind heart, so be ignorant of any flaws you think you have.

#Smile more often, it will help you build confidence.

#Accept your individuality, you are one of a kind.

#Know your worth and show appreciation towards others too.

# Travel and unravel your talents and capabilities.

# Help out those in distress, nothing makes you more beautiful than being human.

So girls and guys, do not worry about any fault you reckon in yourself. The person who really loves you will ultimately love with all your weaknesses too. If you are beautiful from the inside, then successfulness is not far away.

God resides within us, if we start being warm-hearted towards ourselves then we are eventually being lovable towards him and that is all that matters.

Cling to your imperfections they are what that makes you unique


  1. What should be our approach ? Introvert or Extrovert approach? Anyway feel greatly enlightened with this highly productive work, or I can say, this service to humanity. Thanks.

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