What are you to me ?
When I used to look in your eyes I used to see hope
I have seen my long journey ahead, the moments waiting for me, my dreams in my eyes,
But when I look in your eyes it all seems beauteous, no one can do that but you.

What are you to me ?
When I’ve learned to let go
Like the waves in the sea, you just surround my senses leaving me deluged,
Like the waves I know you are ephemeral and with a blink I’ll see the water recede,
Like the sand in my hand I know will fall anyways, why do I keep trying to hold it ?

What are you to me?
When we both know the end,
I walk with bare feet on fire, when I know I will be burnt,
I still try to protect myself incognisant that its the protector that has turned into the lucifer.

With millions of possibilities of the future, with zillions of things that make me happy,
There isn’t any match to even ONE of the moments we’d made.

What are you to me?
When I already walk alone on the deserted road that we’d once chosen together,
The shreds of the glasses cutting through my skin and the memories we’d woven together.

What are you to me ?
Except a distant memory that refuses to go away,

Except the void that nothing can ever fill,
Except the blasphemy that no light could ever allure.

What are you to me ?
I used to wonder,
But I don’t anymore…

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