one way or another”Anything may be betrayed, anything may be forgiven. But not those who lack the courage of their own greatness.”*

We all are born different but alas! Only few of us chose to nurture our inner capabilities to make that difference. We all end up being the sheep of the same herd, being manipulative, losing courage to come up with our own dreams, we fear being unacceptable and as we sit for long years deciding to hear people speak crap, one day we end up appealing ourselves of it.
I do not wish to advertise the notion of being different for the sake of it, but all I wish to convey is live your dreams, your aspirations, live every bit of your life to bring out the person you are, believe it and every moment of self realization will take you deeper, bit by bit, into the complexities of the human mind.
Have you ever thought what the world would have been like if Albert Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Aryabhatta,why only some of the greatest scientists but Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or even Mother Teresa would have decided to mold themselves to soothe the world’s eyes. The greatest of the greatest personalities the world has known dared to be different and their goals achieved and ideas perceived still enchant one and all round the globe.
”There was nothing that got into them; it was something that got out at last!”*

So wake up! And inhale some fresh air. Reverence yourself, your mind’s dimensions but at the same time do not lose your reason. And slowly you will be on your way shaping your dreams living your ideas, purpose and reality.

(*have been taken from the book- The Fountain Head by AYN RAND)

By: Swati Dewan

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