So I hope you all are all jazzed up about the festivities, and I certainly know we are all good for ourselves and our loved ones. I just heard something very honest and true this morning on the FM Radio, the radio jockey said that every year we get so many boxes of Soan Papdi and apparently we tend to behave so great about giving the unpacked of those unneeded gifts to our house helps, the cleaners and all those who are underprivileged. I mean why do we feel so great giving them those unpacked hampers which we too won’t like.

It’s not only with a few number of people, this is the problem with everybody out here. What is the reason we feel so philanthropic giving such unessential things to the already unfortunate? We do enlighten our homes with lots of diyas and candles. Let us change our ways a bit and illuminate somebody else’s too.

Let me tell you fact in this regard if you try to inculcate happiness in somebody else’s life, it makes you feel a lot better about yourself too. Casting away the dark shadows of your souls will definitely help you to become a better person.

Learn to be at peace with your life and believe Karma to be the most powerful of all. If you do something good for the other person’s benefit, sooner or later you will be rewarded by the God Almighty.

We are all not the same and it is our first and foremost priority to think about our family’s financial conditions. Let’s say you are not very lavish and wealthy but certainly want to make someone happy this Diwali. Cool make up a list and gift them a necessary hamper, for instance, you can buy a chocolate pack for their kids or can also give blankets or towels which are totally useful for them.

Anger management is the most important perhaps, kill the inner Ravana this Diwali and blend yourself into the majestical and peaceful feeling of the festival. People like me who are highly tempered and quite short of peaceful moments in life can take up a pledge and burn their raging anger with the colorful phuljhadi.

The next thing that you should always keep in mind is to keep your ego at bay. Nobody in the world is lesser than you. Everybody is the same in the eyes of God. Do you know life is unpredictable, things can change in a jiffy so learn to respect the might of the time span. Treat the unfortunate just the way you would have treated somebody of equal strata.

To err is humans and to forgive is the almighty. So, do not worry and mend the ways of your life from this Diwali.

On this auspicious occasion, I wish you the brightest of smiles and cheerful moments for the rest of your Life.



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