Today I would like to prove that every person in this world does anything for happiness (maybe for their own happiness or others).

People may say innumerable reasons why their love didn’t last, but I say love remains love till the end of life if it keeps you happy 🙂

People fall in love because of happiness and fall out of it because there’s no happiness left. And one sided love is also because of happiness , a person is simply happy seeing the other person happy!

We children love our parents …because they keep us happy 🙂
They buy us clothes, they buy us cellphones, day after day they teach us, they cook food for us 🙂 hence we are happy 🙂
And if the parents are strict we children don’t love them that much .. why?

Because we aren’t happy with them …

So the theory that I conclude is – To satisfy yourself  and become happy, you need to keep the others happy so in turn they can make you happy!

A mother doesn’t eat food in order to satisfy her child with sufficient food. Is she happy for herself ! No she isn’t; she sees her happy satisfied child and finds her own happiness in her child’s eyes 🙂 ( yeh hai dusron ka pyar )

In friendship

We become friends in life because we enjoy each other … or we need each other ???

In life if a friend gives you troubles and problems … and makes you sad …would you stand by him / her… I think majority wouldn’t because all we need is happiness and if we don’t get it we cut the relation and try different people and search more happiness.

A friend is highly disturbed by his best friend .. but still he stands by his friend in tough times ..why ? Because he sees happiness in his friend’s eyes 🙂 ( yeh hai dusron ka pyar )

Father earns innumerable money yet he isn’t happy …why?
Because his daughter feels he doesn’t give him enough love and support

This means happiness doesn’t come from money

Father earns less …but his family is happy from him
Why because he loves his children, finds time for them and he has taught his Children how to be SATISFIED

This shows money isn’t necessary

Without satisfaction MONEY is WASTE

Happiness comes from satisfaction 🙂

Another case – Father earns more and his family is well satisfied from his money love and support yet the father isn’t happy …why

Because his rivals earn more …

What does this show … this shows he loves money and fame more than his life and family

He isn’t satisfied;

Money –  present

Love  – present

Family happiness – present

Satisfaction – absent

Life – unhappy …

This again shows money isn’t always necessary.

I got this wonderful forward ;

 मैंने ज़िन्दगी से पूछा, तू सबको दर्द क्यूँ देती हैं ?

ज़िन्दगी हस्ते हस्ते बोली “मैं तो सबको ख़ुशी देती हूँ, पर एक की ख़ुशी दूसरे का गम बन जाता हैं”

This explains it all.

So for the people who always believe that there is a strong reason behind the end of their friendship, love and relations should understand that sometimes it’s just that the happiness and satisfaction element gets misplaced which takes every relation to the ground level … 🙂 so be satisfied be happy 🙂 you never know what more do u have than others 🙂

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