An elevator door opens; you cannot enter the door because there is a man lying grounded to earth having severe fits. Everyone rushes towards the door, a boy and a man together put the mans hand on the iron handle, he becomes motionless, then the boy rushes towards the authorities for help meanwhile some people take the motionless but alive man, out of the elevator and place him gently on the floor. They take off his shoes, rub his feet and try to contact his family. The boy comes with backup and the man is saved.

Seems to be a very good story, but this is a true story and to be precise a story that involves me, the boy. The feeling of helping someone in crisis is exhilarating and then we just moved on, not expecting anything in return. We did not know each other but still we as an unknown team did something really great, as my mind read the situation.

‘Pay it forward’, a movie said a very simple thing i.e. to help 3 people whoever it may be in a crisis situation, not expecting anything in return, just but one thing to ‘Pay It Forward’, to help another three people you don’t know. Simple yet a very great thought. This thought or so to say a revolution was the idea of a small nine year kid who made it as a social science assignment. He moved on in life, did not expect in return.

We are travelers on the path of life. We meet many people, some we like, some we love, some move along with us, some follow, some ignore us, to some we cannot talk to for unknown reasons, some who need help, we get over all the situations and move on. On this path, when we meet an emergency we help our fellow travelers and then we move on, over the path of life.

But this path does end one day or the other. Being apprehensive about death is of no use. I realized it the same day when my eyes saw and my ears heard something I could not even have imagined to withstand, an infant dies in the arms of his mother.

Just sometime before a feeling of pride was running through my mind and then God tells me you are nothing, just a traveler, do what you can and move on. Constantly asking my conscious, whether some help could have saved the baby, but certain things are not under our control.

‘We move on, over the path life’ changed to ‘Life moves on’………………………..




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