I do try to paint her sometimes, see if I can remember anything that even remotely resembles her. I miss her. Do you believe in God? I don’t.

It was a usual day, that one; perhaps, branding it the ‘darkest’ day of my life, won’t be exaggeration. I had no idea that she would be leaving me, all alone to fight off this world and its evils; my mother.

Sometimes, I blame myself for what happened that day and well, a part of me wants to kill myself over it, after all, what that little kid lost was not just his mother, he lost his childhood, too, in the process. But well, I’m a reasonable man, so the major chunk of me takes just a few seconds to pull myself outta the depression.

They say, time, is a great healer; well, that’s bull-shit. Time can never heal what you don’t want it to heal. It just can’t. But, well my case is different you see, I already told you, I’m a reasonable man. I had to grow up quickly, had to know stuff, that, well, was perhaps, a bit too mature for my age; well, none the less, I complied.

You must be knowing about the coconut no, we have simili drawn almost infinitely with something hard on the outside, soft on the inside. There’s a difference though, to break a coconut, you need a larger force!

Death. It is the oldest of all the processes happening I guess, well, you can always counter me on that, Life, you’ll say is it’s big brother. To that, I’d say it’s the egg and chicken problem dude, take a chill!

Have you ever seen a close one suffer? So much so, that you wish, you had a kill switch. Well, I have and mind you the pain is excruciating.

Men, who say, they don’t cry are either lying or well, they could be aliens in a human suit! Sweating is one such process in which you detoxicate your body, crying is another. Females understand that. Men, I guess, don’t have the guts to accept the fact.
I think, I left Death unfinished. Death is not that bad, as it is made to seem. People have feeble memories. They know, how to move on, if they don’t: well they die.

Life. Teaches you quite a lot of things indeed. It’s not a board game with a fixed set of rules. The rules keep on changing. You have to follow these rules to fulfil your potential; “to live”.

God. What is it? (Some of you might argue, it should be: “Who is he/she?” should be the question); but well this is my article, so there’s not much you can do. So, where were we? Yes.

It’s certainly not something that you can see/ touch. Neither is it something that you can prove the existence of (Strictly speaking in scientific terms here!) BUT, he is there. You can feel him.

Do you believe in God? I do. It is something Life teaches you to. Now, I think about things differently. Perhaps, whatever happened was good for her; not for me, maybe, so what? I’ll make it to be!

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