Its my first year in the campus and I have been exploring the campus even now as it has a huge infrastructure. There’s something available for everyone here and yes I was ragged by many seniors here though it was just a healthy intro. The thing that caught my attention was the lake in the DTU, it is so isolated, calm and composed like trying to say something to me.

I also found a true friend here who is even the first person from a different branch that is from mechanical branch (and yes mechanical branch of dtu is the best in asia) who became my friend so DTU has finally became my second home. I am even more inclined towards extra curricular activities here like blogging, painting, creative writing etc. This college has even taught me many lessons like how to manage time, to spend time with friends, to try to do the best and not to have any expectations, how to freak out and yes, never to break the trust of your friend.

So I am enjoying my life here; YES LECTURES ARE DAMN BORING though I am still trying to analyse and wonder .. how come? the moment our professors say something everyone greets it with a yawn, and yes bunking is done but only when its necessary at least by me. I like to come early, as I wonder why, may be its because of my friend who accompanies me from the Rithala metro or may be because I like to go early and always be prepared with the given situation; whatever the reason may be it makes me happy and I am happy that I got the privilege to study here ….cheers to The Almighty.

Heena Mahur, 1st year

Delhi Technological University

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