When a child is born he brings various relations alone. He is unaware of it and lives his life calmly with no knowledge of life so no worries too.
Then comes the age when his mind grows and leads in forming of goals. His thoughts have no limitations, no boundaries – the time to enjoy the fruity pulpy life. He feels like to be the prince of future.

Now there’s the age when he has to step the outer world
– age of live experiences, hurdles, destruction, responsibilities. But along this one thing is there which makes this particular age the most happening time of life is his MOTIVATION; obsession.
The one who takes it to the right direction becomes successful and lives calmly rest of his life, cherishing the moment of his childhood thoughts. On the other hand, the one who couldn’t make it repent it all in his left life. More than he others let him remember the same. And he takes the pulpy life which he enjoyed as superficial and fake by reminiscences of his childhood. He starts living up his life as mere compromise.
So enjoy the pulpy flavours of childhood, but don’t forget the citrus parts of life. Get acquainted to the reality as early as possible. The more you live away from it, the more it gives you pain on encounter of it later on.
Remember- The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be!!!

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