A long time back..
A rich man was being carried in a palanquin. He was going to court, as one of his competitor had filled a case against him. With every increasing step of palanquin bearers his heart beat increases, his tension doubles. Looking outside at the palanquin bearers, he thinks “even they are having a better life than me. They are poor, they have no worry, no tension, less responsibilities, less dangers, less competition to face,less headache etc. In nutshell better, smooth and peaceful life”. So, he curses his life and is not happy.

Outside, the palanquin bearers are crying over their condition, the physical hard work, pain, tension to earn money,struggle in life they have to undergo. They think, the man sitting inside the palanquin is lucky, he is rich, holds a reputated position in society. How peacefully he is sitting in the palanquin and enjoying his life, all happy, no problems. They blame god for their life and dreams to be like him.

What i want to conclude is that no one is happy in this world. Everyone has his/her own problems. Briefly i can say that the earth is designed in such a way that no one can be happy, everyone will have some troubles.Everyone has different role to play, because of this everyone has born into different environment.
We have become habitual of crying and cursing our life. Instead of crying,do change perception. Learn to live happily, try to satisfy and enjoy with whatever you have because there are many who don’t even get, half of the facilities which you have. If a duty has been assigned to you, do it with full enthusiasm. Enjoy whatever you do. Life is precious, dn’t waste it. Make every second count. Don’t give excuses and dn’t blame circumstances. Cherish every moment because who knows “kal ho na ho “.

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