What is language? Some abstract notion of what we see and hear that we wish to communicate? We learn that language is this tool through which one person exchanges thoughts with another, but fail to digress that everything we exchange or rather wish to exchange is merely a construction of that very same tool. Language is the complete source of knowing our existence. The moon, sun, mind, god, love, dirt, animals, feelings, etc are all but an abstract sound that we have entitled a name. Like, does there truly exists something in this realm of our experiences that can be correctly known to be dirt in its being? Is it dirt because we call it that to be or rather that called on itself to be? Everything you know, see, hear and feel is all but a paradigm of language. Our hunger for love, search for knowledge or thirst for greed is primarily a simplistic desire to expand one’s language. We wish our language to consume all. But Language already consumes all! Our existence is merely our understanding and exploitation of language. The very notion of being alive is merely a part of this ever expanding paradigm.

We speak to existence, and existence is created. Language forms anything we tend to produce. But how did this paradigm come to be? How did two individuals who knew nothing about what is meant to be by, the most simplistic and now self-evident concept of, “exchange” come to create it? How do you create a medium of exchange when you know nothing about such a concept that can only once be induced through the creation of language. So, this leaves such an interesting question. What came first, the concept of exchange or the creation of language? Language is merely exchange, but exchange lies within the inception of language. They both in spite of being one and the same, maintain enough distinction to be called separate things. If I am to go by the reason that I have come to know and cherish which language created, it speaks that for language to exist their must 1st have been a moment of being where there was exchange but no language. Human beings were capable to exchange one thing for other, no matter what their set standards of trade were, without understanding what exactly were they doing. There has to be this moment in time where one primitive human went up to another, and sought to exchange a good for another. May be a rock for a stick or a cave for a shiny rock. How would such a moment be ever induced? How do two separate beings of a same species who have no conception of any understanding of what is what produce this eternal creation of a such mighty significance? Was it due to their primal instinct of self-preservation? Was their a moment where two beings caught up in a duel decided where, because of some unknown circumstance, that they required to come to a compromise for each of their existence? Even if such a circumstances were to be seen, still from where did the invention of exchange of thoughts appear from the exchange of goods? Did they try and mimic the whistles of a bird, added with hand gestures, to create a much more confined notion exchange of thoughts than what we have today? Is language born from this musical charade that till now doesn’t cease to exist? A charade that has been kept ever expanding and will continue to do in the endless future. Is that what language merely is? An abstract procedure of sound and whistles mixed with gestural actions of hands and feat, that now have been replaced as consequence of expansion by complex words and terminology.

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