What is karma? Karma is some action that you perform in your life. In the holy Gita, Lord Krishna says that “the type of karma you do, the type of result you get”.

It is just like Newton’s third law in physics “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Here action means ‘karma’ and equal denote that type of output that we get is same as karma’s type.

But here one thing is different, which is that the result of our ‘karma’ may or may not be instantaneous. Sometimes, output comes in few seconds and at times, it takes many years of human-life. This time is so large that at the instant, when the man is bearing the output, he forgets the ‘karma’ he had done earlier in his life. Most of the time, he is not able to judge what the ‘karma’ he had done whose result he is getting now.

Some say that they have done good their whole life, still, they are bearing bad results; Why????

This is a question unanswered to all of us. The answer may be that in the previous ‘janmas’, they may have done something bad, but no body has seen or remember the previous ‘janmas’, so, this is question remains unanswered……

But, while doing good ‘karma’, we get immense pleasure and peace in our heart and while doing bad ‘karma’, we get occupied with lots of tensions, fear e.t.c.. with this , all must be in agreement with me. Right? But one should be able to judge that which ‘karma’ is good or bad.

But a question, that is still unanswered to me is that despite knowing this concept of ‘karma’ , why we still do bad ‘karma’? Are we forced to do them or do we forget this concept?

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