There are a lot of things in this world that I really don’t believe in. I don’t believe a person can change their core personality. I don’t believe that God / Whoever wants to micromanage our lives. I don’t believe a college degree makes you intelligent. What I do believe in, and what I will always believe in, is karma.

Think about it: have you ever had the most awesome week ever? Everything good seems to be happening to you? You’re like freakin’ Good Luck Chuck? Or, have you ever had ten bad things happen to you in a row? You fail a test, lose your wallet, get a challan for your car’s pollution certificate is expired, and fall flat on your face in front of hundreds of people… all before noon??

I think that someone or something is constantly taking note of how we treat people on a daily basis. THAT is karma. I know I say a lot of evil and bitchy things (both in this blog and out loud), but I know it’s gonna come back and kick me in the ass. When I’m having a shitty day, I think, “Maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of that fatass” or “Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed at how ugly that chick was.” I know, I’m completely and utterly awful. But if you think I’m not getting paid back for it, think again.

Karma’s not all bad, though. For every horrible day I have, there are excellent days to make up for it. I think I’ve got a lot of good karma in my life for all the good things I’ve done, like being a good / loyal girlfriend (hypothetically), an obedient son (though there’s a more recent transformation after coming to hyderabad), and a good friend (at least from my side). When I see people drop things (money, etc.), I give it back instead of keeping it for myself. I also think I’m being paid back for all the shitty things some people have done to me, but hey, who knows??

So, we really do need to be good to each other. Stop being selfish. Think about the needs of the people in your life, and try to do what’s best for them instead of just doing what’s best for yourself. Find yourself flirting with everyone BUT your girlfriend? Think of her and break it off instead of having your cake and eating it too. Been fighting with your mom every time she calls? Check your attitude and be grateful for everything she’s done for you.

Find a designer wallet lying on the ground? Turn it in somewhere; someone probably really loved that thing and would be thrilled to get it back. You might not get the rewards right away, but when you do get them, life will be absolutely lovely… 🙂


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