The sun rose over the mountains, the crimson hued golden light

Made it a heavenly sight….

I asked myself “Could I live this moment for eternity?”

The sun, it seems, heard me and said, “I rise and fall every day and night”

I got my cue and left for home.

While on the way, the sea caught my sight,

So pristine, so quiet at this hour of twilight,

The grace and expanse overwhelmed me and I told myself

“Such a joy it would be to be here for ever”

The sea read my mind and said, “Child the beauty is my gift and I go on

To give people the joy I gave you”

“You too must fulfill your purpose”

“But do I have one”? I asked the majestic royal blue waters

“Everybody does but to find it you have to go on” it answered.

I reflected upon it for some time but started on my way back home once again.

Walking on the road , the cool breeze ruffled my hair.

I whiffed the air, it was fresh. The grass was lush green, the dew lending the air its coolness.

It filled me with happiness, I didn’t worry about my gift now.

The nature had shown me that I had to tread a road

To fulfill my destiny in the pursuit of happiness.

Reaching home, I looked upon the house where I would always belong,

No matter where the life takes me.

Gratefully I walked into my own heaven.

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