It’s the season of love yet again & suitors around the world are professing their commitments to their prospective companions. It was after overhearing certain conversations that I realized, how little words mean in today’s world…

‘Love’ for example is something that has meaning of a divine order for me. To me, it is an undying bond that cements your soul to someone else’s. To certain others, it is just a way of addressal. I would be wrong to condone their behavior just because my definition of love differs from theirs, but, I do feel sad at this sorry state of affairs.

It is in times like these I feel that it is difficult for people to choose who is telling the truth and who is lying when two people walk up to them and say that they love them. There should be some sort of in-built lie detector when the word ‘Love’ is to be used in any context by anyone. One who doesn’t mean it should have a sound go off beforehand, alerting people to the preposterousness of the lie!

For genuine people, who are hard to come by nowadays, it is difficult to say this word because they are petrified at the reaction that they may receive. That, I believe, is in itself a sign of sincerity as the person feels concerned enough to care about the eventual outcome of the lexis forming inside their heads. But due to the overuse, this seems to be a commitment phobia & the con artists win at the expense of the people with true feelings inside their hearts…

Another word that is being grossly misused (& overused) is ‘perfect’. What does that even mean? Who knows what perfect is? Everyone perceives ‘perfect’ differently. Maybe ‘A’ defines his perfect girl as someone who is as fair as the sun, thin as a stick & obedient as a dog. ‘B’, on the other hand, might be amazed at the criterion of selection by ‘A’.

I guess everyone has someone written into their lives. For example, someone you might find detesting & horrifying may be someone else’s dream girl! I recall one of my friends (female) telling me that when someone told her that he loved her, she couldn’t believe that it was true. So, she questioned him for hours on end as to how he could possibly find her beautiful. In all honesty, she wasn’t someone you would call typically beautiful. She was amazed & in her bewilderment burst out with a retort saying, “I have so many pimples, how can you like me?

Her now-boyfriend sat her down, took her hands in his own & said in a voice that pierced her heart, “It’s the blemishes that make you beautiful, darling!”

So, I hope (for the sake of people like me) that girls pick the genuine guy at the end of the day because that’s who you want by your side when the going gets tough…

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