Its all in your mind. Is what my mom answered when i asked her about how can i become the man of my dreams. I dint understand it back then, i was left wondering “how will my mind help me?” And her words were lost in my daily play and tasks of growing up. But i remeber her words now and cant help but wonder mom was so right! Our grown ups are so busy preparing us for the challenges of materialistic life that they now forget to teach the basic principles of human existence. The Power Of mind.Recently there was a lot of hub about a book called The Secret and i m sure many of us have read it or atleast know about it.
What is the secret?? The answer lies within the simple words of my mother, Our Mind!
Mind is the base of it all. The Correlant of brain is what psychologists define mind to be. Why is it so powerful beacause it is the ruler of our thoughts.

We all want to be the next Bill Gates, but our thoughts are so crowded with the facts of existence that we forget to channelise and believe that we can be as rich as Mr. Malya the owner of Kingfisher. The irony is that we all know about it in our unconscious but we dont understand its powers so we neglect it.

I was a child when my mother told me about it, had no understanding that the mind can be so powerful but i realise now that it does not take an intellect to understand that the mind has limitless powers. We can be what we chose to be and what we believe to be.
It really is all in the Mind!

Anuj Jha

National Open School

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